Running Towards Change, One Event at a Time: A Conversation with Terry Chiplin

Terry Chiplin is a longtime endurance runner and trail running coach who is passionate about taking climate action. As the Director of the US Trail Running Conference, Terry has cast the burgeoning trail running industry’s eye towards its climate and environmental impacts and opportunities for change. I met Terry at the 2021 US Trail Running […]

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Deepening the Impact of the Buffalo’s Return to the Fort Peck Reservation 

By Jonny BearCub Stiffarm and Claire Lafave    In 1991, the Intertribal Buffalo Council, representing 76 federally recognized Tribes in the U.S., was founded to facilitate the transfer of wild bison to Native American tribal lands. A new paper in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, co-authored by our Director of Business Development, Jonny BearCub Stiffarm, […]

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Native’s Northern Great Plains Regenerative Grazing Project Achieves Validation

In 2019, four ranchers helped form the Northern Great Plains Regenerative Grazing project, trailblazing the path to where we are today: with the first North American regenerative grazing project validated to the Verified Carbon Standard. We are so grateful to these ranchers who jumped in, the companies who provided catalytic capital, Western Sustainability Exchange, who […]

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Webinar: Explore the Next Frontier for Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council is convening world sustainability and procurement leaders to discuss the challenge of curbing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in extended supply chains. Join us July 22 for Defining the Delta – Supply Chain GHG Reduction Strategies. Many leading corporations are making public commitments to ambitious GHG reduction goals that will be extremely […]

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May on Milton Ranch

May on Milton Ranch was marked by an inundation of new calves, frolicking amongst new grass, wildflowers, and pools of spring rain. Owners Bill and Dana Milton sent us this video to celebrate it:  May update from Milton Ranch, footage courtesy Natalie Berkman, Quivera Coalition New Agrarian Program Dana and Bill joined the Northern Great […]