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Medford Spring Grassland ConservationHB

Project Type: Biodiversity & Wildlife Protection, Carbon Sequestration
Location: Bent County, Colorado
Year: 2019
Standard: Climate Action Reserve Grassland Protocol
Climate Impact: 96,000 tonnes CO2e
Area: 6,900 acres in Colorado

Grasslands store one-third of the Earth’s carbon, and just one acre of grassland can store an estimated 50 tonnes of carbon or more. Yet, in the U.S., over one million acres of grassland are still converted each year, which has the potential to release 50%-70% of the carbon they hold as carbon dioxide (CO₂).

The Medford Spring grasslands in southeastern Colorado are facing an imminent threat of conversion to cropland given that its soils are suitable for farming, and cropland rental rates for winter wheat, milo, sorghum, alfalfa, and other row crops, are more than five times pastureland rates in Bent County, CO. A permanent conservation easement preserves the grasslands and avoids conversion of the land to farming or development. This will prevent an estimated 190,000 tonnes of CO₂ from entering the atmosphere over the next 50 years.

Learn more by visiting our Medford Spring Grassland Conservation project page.

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