• Photo from Forest City Project, which uses the same developer, while this project is in production.
    Totten Solar ProjectHB

    Location: Cortez, CO Year: 2022 Standard: Green-e Impact: Electrical production of MWh/year Beneficiaries: Cortez Solar 1, LLC The Totten Solar Project, located in Cortez, CO and developed by OneEnergy, LLC, provides local, renewable energy to a rural region seeking local jobs, local control of their energy sources, and cheaper electricity bills. A OneEnergy project developer remarked […]

  • northern family farms
    Strobus Solar ProjectHB

    Location: Black River Falls, Jackson County, Wisconsin Year: 2021 Standard: Green-e Impact: Electrical production of 3,000 MWh/year Beneficiaries: Strobus, LLC The Strobus Solar Project, developed by OneEnergy Development, LLC, will be fully operational in Summer 2021, providing new clean energy to the local grid and providing an additional source of revenue to a local family-owned […]

  • highland cow at full belly farm
    Blue Prairie Solar ProjectHB

    Location: Black River Falls, Jackson County, Wisconsin Year: 2021 Standard: Green-e Impact: Electrical production of 5,000 MWh/year Beneficiaries: Blue Prairie Solar, LLC The Blue Prairie Solar Project, developed by OneEnergy, LLC, will be fully operational starting Summer 2021, providing clean energy to the local grid as well as additional revenue to a local farm family. The […]

    Regenerative Wool for Climate

    Standard: Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Methodology: VCS VM0026 Locations, Phase 1: Argentina   For thousands of years, people across the globe have cultivated wool for use in clothing, blankets, rugs, and so on. Today, wool is still a highly desirable textile, prized for its warmth, durability, and wrinkle resistance. However, wool also has associated greenhouse gas […]

  • Haiti1
    Haiti Clean Water Project

    Project Type: Greenhouse Gas-Reducing Water Purification Location: Oest, Sud-Est, Nord, Centre and Nord Ouest Departments, Haiti Year: 2017 Standard: The Gold Standard Climate Impact: 80,000 tonnes CO2e Clean Water: 250 million liters Beneficiaries: 2,580 families In January 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked the country of Haiti, resulting in an estimated 300,000 deaths and over […]

  • The Blake's Red Angus and Black Angus cattle backed by the Crazy Mountains.
    Northern Great Plains Regenerative Grazing ProjectHB

    Standard: Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Methodology: Verra VM0026 Partner: Western Sustainability Exchange Phase 1 Acres: 33,000 acres Phase 1 Locations: Sweet Grass and Musselshell counties, Montana Phase 1 Benefits: Improved soil health and increased carbon sequestration in soil. These benefits result from Help BuildTM offsets initiating and accelerating improved practices on cattle ranches in Montana. Help BuildTM […]

  • solar
    Forest City Solar ProjectHB

    Project Type: Renewable Energy- New Renewables Portfolio Location: Forest City, Winnebago County, Iowa Year: 2019 Standard: Green-e Impact: Electrical production of ~6,000 MWh/year Beneficiaries: Butter Solar, LLC Project Description The Forest City Solar Project, owned by Butter Solar, LLC, is the first project to be developed for NativeEnergy’s New Renewables Portfolio. The Portfolio is designed to enable renewable energy buyers […]

  • Medford Photo 2 July 2020 (CREDIT SPLT)
    Medford Spring Grassland ConservationHB

    Project Type: Biodiversity & Wildlife Protection, Carbon Sequestration Project Structure: Help BuildTM Location: Bent County, Colorado Year: 2019 Standard: Climate Action Reserve Grassland Protocol Climate Impact: 96,000 tonnes CO2e Area: 6,900 acres in Colorado The Issue Grasslands store one-third of the Earth’s carbon, and just one acre of grassland can store an estimated 50 tonnes of carbon or more. Yet, […]

  • 887
    Honduras Coffee Growers Clean Water ProjectHB

    Project Type: Greenhouse Gas-Reducing Water Purification Location: Honduras Year: 2018 Standard: The Gold Standard Climate Impact: 90,000 tonnes CO2e Clean Water: 205 million liters Beneficiaries: 1,688 families As a largely rural developing country, Honduras faces problems of low incomes, poor indoor air quality, and inadequate access to clean drinking water. A lack of safe drinking water and sanitation results in […]

  • IMG_1350
    Northern Kenya Improved Grasslands ProjectHB

    Project Type: Soil Carbon Sequestration Location: Savanna grasslands in Northern Kenya (Mt. Kenya and north) Year: 2017 Standard: Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Climate, Triple Gold Verified Community & Biodiversity Standards (CCB Standards) Area: 2 million hectares In many of Kenya’s rural lands, wildlife and people coexist in a delicate, historical balance—sharing the resources that feed […]