Carbon Offsets

Mitigate your greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing NativeEnergy carbon offsets.

Enter the tonnes you wish to offset or use our calculators to determine your footprint.

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Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing NativeEnergy carbon offsets.

Your Purchase Options:

One Time- You can check out now to make a single purchase of carbon offsets.

Monthly- If you would like to purchase carbon offsets on a monthly basis, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or call us at 800-924-6826 x200, and we will assist you with setting up a monthly carbon offset plan.

What project will my purchase help build?

NativeEnergy website purchases are working with hunter-gatherer Hazda communities to Protect Biodiversity & Forests in Tanzania. By purchasing Help Build™ carbon offsets, you will provide funding for local natural resource management, enhancing and diversifying local incomes in an area recognized for high biodiversity that is currently home to elephants, kudu, impala and other species. The project was recently awarded a 2019 Equator Prize by the United Nations Develop Programme Equator Initiative.

How do carbon offsets work?

With carbon offsets, you can counteract your personal carbon footprint by helping build clean energy and carbon-reducing projects.

How much should I offset?

If you don’t know how many tons to offset, use our online carbon calculators to determine your carbon footprint.


For more details, see our terms & conditions.

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