Medford Spring Grassland Conservation Project

Take climate action! Offset carbon emissions by supporting Native’s Medford Spring Grassland Conservation Project.

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Offset your greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing Native carbon offsets.

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What project will my purchase help build?

Support from NativeEnergy’s Help BuildTM program is enabling Southern Plains Land Trust, a local Colorado organization dedicated to preserving shortgrass prairie, to acquire and conserve 6,900 acres of grassland.

“NativeEnergy’s unique investment structure provides finance when we need it most, enabling us to purchase the Medford Spring grasslands and accelerate our ability to conserve shortgrass prairie throughout Colorado,” explains Nicole Rosmarino, executive director of the Southern Plains Land Trust.

Read a full description of the project on our project page!

How do carbon offsets work?

With carbon offsets, you can counteract your personal carbon footprint by helping build clean energy and carbon-reducing projects.

How much should I offset?

If you don’t know how many tons to offset, use our online carbon calculators to determine your carbon footprint. We also calculated the average emissions from common household activities, which you can see on our Crowd Funding Climate Action page!


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Medford Spring Grassland Conservation