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Native, A Public Benefit Corporation

Generating results for over 20 years.

Native believes every penny in your sustainability budget can be invested to create meaningful, measurable change, produce quantifiable emission reductions, build resilient supply chains, and drive exclusive, uniquely positive stories that inspire your customers and peers.

Since 2000, Native has worked with hundreds of organizations to develop authentic solutions to their sustainability challenges and implement both community- and landscape-scale projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen businesses, and contribute to progress around the world. Our diverse team of strategists, project developers, environmental scientists, engineers and legal counsel are devoted to strengthening the people, companies, and places at the heart of these initiatives.

Experience has taught us that the best investments in corporate sustainability are made when long-term strategic business value is factored into each dollar spent. We work to ensure our clients achieve that value so that they can build more resilient organizations, engage their stakeholders, boost their brand, and accelerate their environmental performance.

We are proud to be a Public Benefit Corporation and certified B Corp.

In August of 2018, we announced the amendment of our certificate of incorporation which converted our company to a public benefit corporation under the Delaware General Corporation Law. This amendment establishes that our reduction of greenhouse gases and furtherance of sustainable development are specific public benefits we promote as a company. Our board of directors is now required to "manage or direct the business and affairs of [Native] in a manner that balances the pecuniary interests of the stockholders, the best interests of those materially affected by the corporation's conduct, and the specific public benefit(s) identified in its certificate of incorporation.”

Besides now being formally known as "Native, a Public Benefit Corporation," this amendment merely formalizes what has always been in our DNA.

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