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For Project Developers & Owners

Whether you are planning to sell carbon credits or seeking expertise about the carbon market, Native can help you meet your project development goals.

Sell Your Carbon Credits

Do you have a renewable energy or carbon project that needs funding? If so, we would love to hear from you.

Native brings additional sources of funding to projects by leveraging the carbon offset market. We work with developers and owners to help build projects that provide economic value to local communities, Native American tribes, and family farmers.

Our project experience encompasses a wide range of technologies, including mid-sized wind, solar, small hydropower, biomass fuel substitution, biogas production, methane destruction at dairy farms and landfills, transportation efficiency and residential water filtration in developing countries. We are involved in projects throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Native emphasizes working with project owners and developers in flexible and innovative ways, including the structuring of carbon purchase agreements as a lump-sum forward payment, annual payments, or various combinations depending on the needs of the project.

Carbon Project Consulting

Do you need help navigating the carbon market? Are you unsure if your project will generate carbon reduction credits or how to quantify them? In addition to our core business of sourcing and marketing carbon offsets, Native provides consulting services to renewable energy and carbon reduction technology developers to assist in maximizing their project’s value.

We can:

  • Assess renewable energy credit (REC) and verified carbon emissions reduction (VER) market opportunities for projects of all sizes and geographical locations.
  • Quantify the REC and VER value of projects and manage the validation and/or verification process to meet industry‐accepted standards.
  • Advise how to best position future projects under the various REC and carbon market standards and regimes.
  • Utilize Native’s capabilities in marketing and branding RECs and VERs.
  • Provide project development consulting for agriculture-based, landfill gas-to-energy, wind, solar, and other carbon projects.
Stay informed with news from communities on the frontlines of climate action, thought leadership from our team, insights into the evolving carbon market, and more.
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