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Learn more about the businesses that rely on us to help them reach their sustainability goals.

We design and execute custom forestry, soil and agriculture projects that bring your sustainability vision to life. We calculate and verify the benefits, run the project, and manage the performance while the bottom-line sustainability benefits—and the stories behind them—belong exclusively to you.

Leveraging Offsets to Help Rebuild a Small Town

For nearly a decade, Native has helped Keurig Green Mountain achieve its greenhouse gas reduction goals. After a storm devastated a small Kansas town, Keurig Green Mountain and Native found a way to finance a new wind farm that would see the town back on its feet while simultaneously meeting Keurig Green Mountain’s greenhouse gas reduction goals. Keurig Green Mountain's purchase of a multi-year stream of carbon offsets from the wind farm meant Keurig Green Mountain played a key role in helping a local community.

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Over the past few years, we have watched companies focus more and more on reducing carbon emissions in their supply chains. We have attended the same conferences that you attend, we have read the same reports and white papers, we have analyzed the same types of CO2 emissions data, and we agree: a large percentage of your corporate emissions—and therefore large opportunities to reduce your footprint—are in your supply chain.

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Offsets Provide Seed Funding for More Sustainable Agriculture

Ben&Jerry’s and Native partner to structure and finance farming equipment that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and makes on-farm practices more economically, and environmentally, sustainable. Ben&Jerry’s makes progress towards its greenhouse gas emission reduction goals and Green Dream Farms improves its resilience and economic viability.

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