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It is not uncommon for visitors to come to Native to buy carbon offsets. If that is you, thanks for exploring us as your carbon offset provider. Our carbon offsets are a little different. We believe in the power of collective action to create a more sustainable future for us all. Together, we are in the business of catalyzing climate action!

There are a few ways you can partner with Native to invest in a healthier planet and society using the tool of carbon offsets.

Learn about our carbon offsets quality

Supporters that invest in Native’s carbon offset projects receive high quality carbon offsets which meet rigorous verification standards.

What’s most important the investment we make together is truly catalyzing a better future for us all. Read more about the impact we are making together

Questions about carbon offsets?

Visit our carbon calculators to calculate your carbon footprint for offsetting.

You can also read our Carbon Offsets FAQs or contact us.

Stay informed with news from communities on the frontlines of climate action, thought leadership from our team, insights into the evolving carbon market, and more.
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