Marketing Your Actions: What You Can Claim From Carbon Offset Projects

One of the top reasons for buying carbon offsets is to strengthen your company’s environmental image. The act of voluntarily paying for carbon reduction projects is often perceived favorably by green-minded consumers, and it’s easier to tell a good story about innovative projects in disadvantaged communities than to focus on dry subjects such as incremental […]

Support Methane Emissions Through The Best Offset Projects

Esurance Success Story

As experts in assessing and quantifying risk, insurance companies understand better than most the threats posed by unmitigated climate change. Esurance, part of the Allstate Corporation, has always been a leader in changing the industry for the better: They helped pioneer insurance policy sales directly over the internet. They were one of the first companies […]

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Success Story

From their humble beginnings as a Vermont coffee shop, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has evolved into Keurig Green Mountain, a $2.6 billion business listed among the 100 most reputable companies in the U.S. In line with its core values, the company works to design, source and manufacture products that benefit the communities it touches while minimizing […]

Reducing Carbon Emissions In Your Supply Chain

A White Paper Report Over the past few years, we have watched companies focus more and more on reducing carbon emissions in their supply chains. We have attended the same conferences that you attend, read the same reports and white papers, analyzed the same types of CO2 emissions data, and we agree: a large percentage of […]