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Patagonia Region Improved Grazing Project


All landowners participating in the Patagonia Region Improved Grazing Project make the following commitment:


I, as a project participant, being the owner[s] of the area of land contracted in the Patagonia Region Improved Grazing Project, hereby declare:

  1. that it is my present intention to manage the contracted project land or to cause it to be managed, as grazing for cattle or other grazing animals in such a manner as serves to maintain or increase soil carbon levels, for the next 40 years or more;


  1. that I have or expect to generate the financial resources necessary to accomplish the foregoing.


  1. I intend to manage this land or lease the land to managers for grazing who use ecologically compatible best practices as understood year to year to foster soil health and forage capacity. My management decisions will focus on maintaining the ability of this land to support both livestock grazing and ecological health for as long as I own the land.


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