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Carbon Offsets

Help BuildTM Carbon Offsets

Native’s Help Build™ carbon offsets directly fund new carbon projects—from wind farms to methane digesters and beyond.

With exceptional social and environmental benefits, these projects reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support local communities. For this reason, Help Build™ carbon offsets have been chosen by leading companies, including Keurig Green MountaineBayEsurance, and Ben & Jerry’s.

Advantages of Help Build Carbon Offsets

  • New Projects
    Play a direct role in funding new projects, including wind, water, farm methane, solar, biomass, and landfill gas.
  • Social and Environmental Benefits
    Support local communities, including schools, municipalities, family farms, and Native American tribes. Help protect watersheds and reduce air pollution.
  • Community Connections
    Participate in our Project Supporter Program. In addition to advertising and public relations opportunities, Project Supporters are often able to visit project sites and collaborate with the communities involved.

How Help Build Works

Typically, when someone buys a carbon offset, the money goes to pay for a reduction in greenhouse gases that has already occurred. This purchase supports an existing project. But sometimes community-based projects, like wind turbines at public schools, don’t have enough funding to be built in the first place.

Help Build™ carbon offsets bridge the gap. You purchase carbon offsets from your project in advance—that is, before they occur. By doing so, you play a key role in funding its construction, enabling it to cut greenhouse gas pollution on your behalf for years to come.


To calculate your carbon offset, we use internationally recognized methodologies to determine the emissions that your project will reduce. All Help Build™ carbon offsets undergo third-party verification to the internationally recognized standards, and each project is screened to ensure that it truly needed our, and your, financial support to be developed. In addition, our buffer policy is designed to deliver all of the reductions that you purchase.

To discuss how Help Build™ carbon offsets can help you meet your sustainability goals, contact Kevin Hackett at 800-924-6826 x209 or [email protected].

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