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Medford Spring Grassland ConservationHB

We thank you greatly for supporting this project and helping to catalyze new, lasting climate action.

The Medford Spring Grassland Conservation, a Native Help BuildTM program, enabled Southern Plains Land Trust, a local Colorado organization dedicated to preserving shortgrass prairie, to acquire and conserve 6,900 acres of grassland.

An important part of your contribution to this carbon offset project is also sharing what your support has helped achieve. We have built a repertoire of content to help you in doing so.

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Find the project page here for more details.


Use these quotes written by our team and project partners to communicate how your contribution is making a difference. 

Quote from Native

"Supporting this project helps halt the loss of some of Colorado’s remaining shortgrass prairie — an ecosystem being lost at a higher rate than any other type of ecosystem in the state. Conserving this land protects important species and wildlife such as the swift fox."

Author: Kirsten McKnight, Director, Native


Quote from the Southern Plains Land Trust

"Contributors to the Medford Spring project allow Native to provide a unique investment structure where we can obtain financing when we need it most, enabling us to expand the nature preserve and accelerate our ability to converse shortgrass prairie in the southern Great Plains"

Author: Nicole Rosmarino, Executive Director, SPLT



Use this infographic to share more about the Medford Spring Grassland Conservation project by highlighting its carbon offset impact as well as the environmental benefits.

Medford Spring Infographic

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Swift fox with information on grasslands

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The prairie with data from the project

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Project Imagery

Swift fox on Medford (CREDIT SPLT)

Swift fox

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Medford Photo 1 July 2020 (CREDIT SPLT)


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Black-footed Ferret PC Richard P Reading

Black footed ferret

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Prairie dog

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Watch this video created by project supporter Snooze

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