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Northern Kenya Rangelands Project

We thank you greatly for supporting this project and helping to catalyze new, lasting climate action.

The Northern Kenya Rangelands Project, in partnership with the Northern Rangelands Trust and Soils for the Future is providing the resources to improve grazing practices in the region. The land, covering more than 2 million acres, is on the path to improved soil health, more robust ecosystems and increased carbon sequestration thanks to these strategies

An important part of your contribution to this carbon offset project is also sharing what your support is helping achieve. We have built a repertoire of content to help you in doing so.

All content provided below is authorized for media use.

Find the project page here for more details.


Use these quotes written by our team and project partners to communicate how your contribution is making a difference. 

Quote from Native

"The Northern Kenya Rangelands project is the world's first large-scale grasslands soil carbon project, and currently one of the few landscape-level carbon removal ventures on the market today. Supporting this project helps to improve grassland health and sequester carbon in the soils, generate income for local communities, improve resilience to drought and climate change, and enhance habitats for key endangered species."

Author: Jennifer Gerholdt, Director, Native


Quote from Northern Rangelands Trust

"The Northern Kenya Rangelands Carbon Project has created additional and much needed income for communities to meet their own needs and will improve rangelands conditions for their livestock and enhance conservation efforts across the project area, including the improvement of habitat for four endemic endangered species – the Eastern black rhino, Grevy’s zebra, Reticulated giraffe and Beisa oryx, as well as addressing impacts of climate change. The funds, which will be allocated by the community itself to various projects, will have a significant positive impact on livelihoods as well  offering drought resilient incomes to those in the landscape, together these are small but strong steps towards fighting climate change."

Author: Tom Lalampaa, CEO, NRT


Use this infographic to share more about the Northern Kenya Rangelands project by highlighting its carbon offset impact as well as the environmental benefits.
Kenya infographic

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Social Media Posts

Use some of these suggested hashtags to complement your post. #RegenerativeGrazing #Grazing #RotationalGrazing #CarbonOffset #CarbonCredits #Wildlife #CommunityConservation #SoilHealth #Rangelands #KenyaRangelands #NorthernKenya #CarbonSequestration #CarbonRemoval #ClimateAction #Nature
Native Energy Postcards_BEISA ONYX

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Native Energy Postcards_EASTERN BLACK RHINO

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Project Imagery

We have below a sample of the project imagery provided by NRT. For any additional content, please contact our team.

Livestock drinking water

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Landscape of mountains

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Herder and his cattle

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OKM_3174 (1)

Landscape of rangelands

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Goat in tall grass

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Overhead view of rangelands

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Herder leading his cattle to drink

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Northern Kenya Grasslands K Avery permission 3 180828

Herder and his camels

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Watch the beautiful video of the Northern Kenya Rangelands provided by our partners Northern Rangelands Trust.


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