Help BuildTM

Native develops custom projects specific to your business’s unique sustainability requirements.

At the core of our work lie our Help Build projects, for which we use innovative carbon financing to develop custom initiatives with benefits that directly align with your company’s strategies and values. Throughout the process, we work closely with you to structure a unique project that meets your requirements and those of the host community.


You provide the investment that makes it all possible. We supply the know-how. You reap the benefits. You tell the story.

Help Build projects deliver unique brand synergies along with carbon reductions, renewable energy, safe water, clean air, ecosystem restoration, soil health, smallholder farmer development, wildlife and habitat protection, carbon sequestration, and more.

Most carbon offsets are sold year-by-year from projects that are already built and operating. These offsets help project investors recover their investment and support the market for carbon projects.

That approach to the market works for many projects, but it has a weakness: lots of smaller, community-based projects can’t get funded if they have to wait for year-by-year offset revenues. Instead, with Help Build carbon offsets, our customers purchase a project’s long-term carbon reductions upfront. This provides critical financing that enables project construction.

Help Build carbon offsets fix a market failure that is preventing the development of many high-quality community-based projects.

In every case, Native manages the performance and the operation for you while reporting on the ongoing benefits throughout the life of the project. The outcomes create shared worth that ripples through your activity chain and out into the world.

You're in Good Company

We bring together the collective power of leading brands like Aveda, Warby Parker, and Eileen Fisher to catalyze the development of new and innovative carbon reduction projects around the world. Using our Help Build model, we identify, structure, and develop signature projects that deliver measurable environmental, social and economic benefits to the clients whose investment makes them happen.