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Mozambique Clean Drinking Water

Project Location Mozambique
Climate Impact ~350,000 tCO2e emissions avoided over 5 years
Community Impact Increased access to clean water for 36,000 people

SDG Impact

Project Details

The Mozambique Clean Water Project, led by the nonprofit Village Water, rehabilitates, installs and maintains borehole water infrastructure to provide communities with safe, clean drinking water. The project also builds capacity and offers training at the local level around managing water sources into the future. Read more.

Project Type: Energy Efficiency – Domestic

Project Details: 

This project reduces the risk of waterborne illnesses and the need to boil water for purification, which saves over 95,000 tonnes of firewood annually and reduces CO2 emissions. By implementing a WASH campaign, the project also improves sanitation and hygiene practices in the communities. The project also allows women and girls to spend more time on other activities previously dedicated to collecting water and firewood. 

For additional context on the region, Mozambique is coming out of civil war and two major tropical storms, which together have compromised water infrastructure in the country. Less than half the population has access to safe drinking water, with access even lower in some rural areas. Over 95% of the rural population relies on wood as their primary source of fuel for boiling water, contributing to high levels of indoor air pollution and carbon emissions.

As a result of this project to date, over 36,000 people have access to clean drinking water, and over 98 million liters of drinking water is supplied annually.

Funding for this project goes directly towards the drilling and repair of wells and supports their ongoing maintenance plan. Village Water supports a local workforce and manages the WASH programs with the carbon revenues.

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