Strobus Solar ProjectHB

Location: Black River Falls, Jackson County, Wisconsin
Year: 2021
Standard: Green-e
Impact: Electrical production of 3,000 MWh/year
Beneficiaries: Strobus, LLC

The Strobus Solar Project, developed by OneEnergy Development, LLC, will be fully operational in Summer 2021, providing new clean energy to the local grid and providing an additional source of revenue to a local family-owned nursery and Christmas tree business, Northern Family Farms, led by 3rd generation siblings Ashely & Derek Ahl.

This project is a 1.5 MW solar photovoltaic project connected to the Jackson County electric grid. Located in the city of Black River Falls, Wisconsin, it consists of a ground-mounted contiguous array of ~4,680 individual photovoltaic panels. Strobus will generate about 4% of the utility’s annual electricity consumption, displacing prior contracted wholesale energy typically derived primarily from coal-fired generation. The Jackson Electric Cooperative will purchase the energy from the project, displacing prior contracted wholesale energy typically derived primarily from coal-fired generation. The Jackson Electric Cooperative will benefit from savings compared to its current wholesale electricity supply agreement, which will be directly passed through to ratepayers in the Black River Falls community.

Strobus is one of the latest projects developed for Native’s New Renewables Portfolio. The Portfolio’s purpose is to enable Renewable Energy Credit (REC) buyers to play a causal role in actualizing new renewable energy projects. On behalf of Portfolio investors, Native has committed to a 10-year renewables purchase agreement with OneEnergy, LLC. Without this type of long-term REC purchasing agreement, this project would not be economically viable.

Impacts & Benefits

The project expects to produce and add 3,000 MWh/year of clean, solar energy to the grid. OneEnergy plans to plant pollinator-friendly vegetation — low-growing, primarily native, flowering meadows– that conforms to regional science-based scorecards beneath the solar arrays. OneEnergy and Jackson Electric Cooperative plan to donate and install additional solar panels at three local schools, providing savings to the schools and educational opportunities to the students. To promote place-based educational opportunities around solar energy, students will have access to energy production data from the Strobus project as well as their school’s solar panels, and OneEnergy, LLC will facilitate student trips to the solar facility.

Project Participants

Strobus, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of OneEnergy Development, LLC, is the owner and operator. OneEnergy Development, LLC developed the project.

Validation & Verification

The project was determined to meet the additionality requirements of the Verified Carbon
Standard by a VCS accredited validator. REC sales from the project are annually audited by a
third party, under the Center for Resource Solutions Green-e Program.