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From Waste to Fuel:
Improving Agriculture and Livelihoods in Mexico

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Project Description

The Waste to Fuel project reduces methane emissions on subsistence farms in Mexico with the help of biodigesters. These systems transform manure into resources that can cut down on costs for farmers and their families: clean biogas fuel to use in their homes for cooking and heating, as well as fertilizer to feed their crops. Contributions to this project aid our partner in making these systems more financially accessible to low-income farmers.

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Quotes About the Project

Use these quotes from our team and project partners to communicate how your contribution makes a difference.

"Contributions to this project allow the biodigester provider to increase access and add flexibility to the payment terms of these systems, making the technology economically accessible to low-income farmers, vastly expanding the scale of biogas technology distribution in this region"

Author: Kirsten McKnight, Director, Native

“Contributors are helping small-holder farmers in Mexico by financing biogas plants to transform organic farming waste into practical and sustainable resources such as clean and renewable energy (biogas) and biofertilizer, all the while reducing carbon emissions.”

Author: Alexander Eaton, CEO & Co-Founder,

Project Infographic

Use this infographic to highlight the project’s carbon offset impact as well as the benefits to the local communities and ecosystems.

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Project Imagery

The images below are authorized for media use. You can also find more videos and images in the supporter media package for  Waste to Fuel: Uganda.

Local farmer and his biodigester


Biodigester and landscape




Farmer and corn field


Farmer, livestock and biodigester


Project Videos

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