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Cattle grazing in a pasture on the Northern Great Plains

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Project Description

The Northern Great Plains Regenerative Grazing project seeks to restore the ecosystem and its resilience to its full potential, sustaining abundant and diverse species and livelihoods. Introducing practices to improve soil health such as higher intensity rotational grazing and reducing selectivity of grazing to relieve pressure from waterways and allow native species to regenerate.

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Quotes About the Project

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"Contributors to the Northern Great Plains Regenerative Grazing project are enabling ranchers to make sustainable changes to increase their lands’ productivity and deliver real, measurable, and additional carbon sequestration as well as soil health benefits."

Author: Kirsten McKnight, Director, Native

“Contributions to the The Northern Great Plains Regenerative Grazing Project have provided timely funding for critical upgrades to water and fence improvements for numerous ranches in Montana. The ranchers using these funds are leading a strong movement toward improved grazing practices that make the ranches more viable economically while enhancing soil health and biological stability.”

Author: Chris Mehus, Ranch Programs Director, Western Sustainability Exchange

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Project Imagery

These images are authorized for media use.

Herd of cattle

Cattle grazing in a pasture on the Northern Great Plains

Cattle roaming

Cattle roaming in the northern great plains



Watering infrastructure

image003 (1)

View of the rangelands

Northern Great Plains rangelands


Wildflowers are growing in a Montana pasture that has implemented regenerative grazing practices

Cattle and herd dog


Panoramic view of the landscape


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