25 Brands Join Forces to Build Carbon Offset Projects with NativeEnergy

BURLINGTON, Vt. – March 22, 2012 – Carbon offset developer NativeEnergy and a group of corporate leaders in sustainability are collaborating to help build two wind turbines in Iowa, a landfill gas-to-energy project in Oklahoma, and a farm methane reduction project in Pennsylvania. By working together, these brands will provide an economic boost to local communities and cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 400,000 metric tons. Through purchases of NativeEnergy’s Help Build™ carbon offsets, the companies have provided critical upfront funding for the projects.

“By becoming Project Supporters, these businesses have made a substantial commitment to generating cleaner energy and materials,” noted Jeff Bernicke, President of NativeEnergy. “Each company has already incorporated a number of sustainability initiatives into their operations. Together, they are taking another effective step in addressing their carbon footprints.”

The participating companies include: eBay, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Esurance, EILEEN FISHER, Clif Bar, Comedy Central, ABR, Inc., AllPack, Aveda, Ben & Jerry’s, National Geographic, The Brick Companies, Brighter Planet, Carlisle & Co., College of the Atlantic, Credit Union Cherry Blossom Run, Designtex, Eco Products, Pax World, Presidio, Reverb, RLP Capital, Touring Green, and Vital Choice.

Iowa Farms Wind Project
The companies collaborating to help build the Iowa Farms Wind Project include Aveda, EILEEN FISHER, Clif Bar, Touring Green, Reverb, and Designtex. This project features the construction of two 1.6 MW wind turbines on family farms in northern Iowa. The project will generate enough power to meet the needs of 5,200 homes, and it is expected to reduce an average of 9,000 metric tonnes of carbon emissions per year for the first ten years of operation—equivalent to the total greenhouse gas pollution from 8,500,000 gallons of gasoline.

Wewoka Biogas Project
eBay, Esurance, Designtex, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Eco-Products, Clif Bar, Brighter Planet, Reverb, Vital Choice, Touring Green, Presidio, College of the Atlantic, and individuals across the U.S. joined forces to help build this Oklahoma project. It is expected to reduce an average of 30,000 metric tons of carbon emissions per year for the first 10 years of operation.

The project pipes methane gas from a landfill to a family-owned brick plant, which uses the biogas to fire its kilns and reduce its use of natural gas.

Northeast Farm Separation Project
Key supporters of the Northeast Farm Separation project include Ben & Jerry’s, The Brick Companies, Carlisle & Company, Comedy Central, RLP Capital, Credit Union Cherry Blossom Run, Pax World, and ABR, Inc.

This project implements a technology that separates volatile solids from farm manure, reducing the emission of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. It also benefits farmers and helps reduce agricultural runoff.

Speaking about the Project Supporter Program, Carol Derby, director of environmental strategy for Designtex, said, “Designtex is pleased to usher in its third year of carbon neutral operations by thanking NativeEnergy for galvanizing support for renewable energy and carbon offset projects. We are glad to be a member of this forward-looking community of Project Supporters.”