Bodhi Surf + Yoga Success Story

Based on the Costa Rica coastline, in an area that remains relatively untouched by large-scale development, Bodhi Surf + Yoga promotes responsible tourism.

Building on its strong track record of corporate responsibility as a Certified B Corporation, Bodhi recently chose NativeEnergy to offset its guests’ travel carbon footprint.

How does offsetting help them to meet the highest standards of transparency, accountability, and performance in the social and environmental aspects of their business?

Should Businesses Offset Their Customers’ Emissions?

Companies operating in the tourism sector recognize that travel, especially flying, creates a large carbon footprint. Many other types of business also generate indirect – or Scope 3 – greenhouse gas emissions, which often make up a large percentage of their total corporate footprint.

Bodhi Surf + Yoga identified three key reasons why offsetting the carbon emissions from their guests’ travel was the right choice.

  1. Taking responsibility for their customers’ carbon emissions, rather than expecting individual travelers to do it, means they are able to act immediately to tackle climate change.
  2. Because Bodhi benefits as a business from their guests traveling to reach them, they believe they have a duty to offset at least some of the associated carbon emissions.
  3. As part of the company’s overall mission to become carbon neutral, Bodhi is looking beyond its own guest lodge and local operations. They aim to reduce and mitigate all impacts including guest travel and third party suppliers.

By demonstrating leadership, the company aims to influence others to do the right thing in future, which fits with their ethos to be change-makers in the world.

Why Choose Wind Energy in Costa Rica?

When looking for a carbon offset provider, Bodhi Surf +Yoga knew they wanted to support a local offset project. A nearby wind energy project provided the ideal investment opportunity.

The Los Santos wind farm project is located in Cartago, less than three hours away from Bodhi’s base. This Gold Standard-verified project can generate 12.75 MW of energy, providing electricity to 50,000 people and saving 11,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

As well as delivering ample carbon offsets to meet Bodhi’s needs, the wind farm also benefits local people. It is the first wind farm in Costa Rica constructed by a cooperative, which aims to bring clean electricity to rural communities and improve the lives of people living in this underdeveloped area.

Los Santos is also connected to a national power grid. The resulting revenue is distributed back to local shareholders in the cooperative, enabling investment in infrastructure projects including improvements to school buildings, public lighting and bus stops.

These additional social and environmental benefits helped the Los Santos wind farm to stand out as a local, progressive offset project that resonates strongly with Bodhi’s commitment to community development and social justice.

Why Should Tourism Businesses Choose Carbon Offsets?

Like other service industries, businesses that rely on tourism exist solely because of their customers. If customers have to travel to reach them, then they benefit directly – in the form of revenue and profits – from travel that causes negative impacts on the planet and on local communities.

Travelers are increasingly seeking more ethical and sustainable vacations. Tourism-related companies that take responsibility for their guests’ travel emissions can position themselves as leaders in the sector and stand out from their competitors, increasing their market share and commanding a premium price.

How Can NativeEnergy Help You Choose The Right Offsets for Your Business?

Whether your business is built on an ethos of social and environmental responsibility, like Bodhi Surf + Yoga, or just starting out on your sustainability journey, it’s important to choose the right offsetting project.

NativeEnergy’s progressive offset projects deliver measurable social, economic and environmental benefits in local communities and underdeveloped areas. As well as offsetting your carbon emissions, and those of your customers and suppliers, you can achieve a number of other corporate social and environmental responsibility goals.

Don’t just take it from us! NativeEnergy has been recognized as a Certified B Corporation Best for the World company. A total of 846 business across 52 industries received this honor and share our values of minimizing our carbon footprint as a business.

To begin writing the next chapter of your company’s sustainability success story, contact NativeEnergy by phone at 800-924-6826, by email at [email protected].