Enabling Entrepreneurs through our Shared Value Project Investments

NativeEnergy has a long and successful track record of creating shared value projects for corporate sustainability value. Since 2000, we’ve worked with corporate clients to invest in making an impact that produces authentic solutions to their sustainability challenges and implements community-scale projects of interest to all stakeholders.

It is important for us to track and measure our impact, and continually ensure our work is meaningful and lasting. On behalf of our corporate clients we’ve structured 80+ projects that reduce GHG emissions, build renewable energy, and deliver clean water. As we build out a portfolio of soil carbon sequestration projects – across the U.S. and internationally – we are digging into ways to broaden the impacts and results of our shared value projects in the agriculture and livestock sector.

This Forbes interview, titled “Technology Could Soon Revolutionize Agriculture In Africa,” describes exactly what we are witnessing and seek to enable. As the article states, “Agriculture is not about sustaining people just above the poverty line; it’s about turning them into entrepreneurs who can thrive, recognizing the potential for this sector to lift millions out of poverty.”

One of the many issues and opportunities to revolutionize agriculture raised in this piece that resonated with us is the idea that, “There is no limit on human’s capacity to adopt and adapt technology for their own purposes.” As we participate in and witness incredible technology innovation, it is important to recognize that the key may not be the technology itself but how people use the technology, build upon it, and spur innovation.

We believe that farmers are leaders and innovators. Our soil investment activity serves to give farmers a forward path to participate in new or different practices and methods to improve their livelihood and ensure the sustainability of the larger ecosystem they live in. 

We encourage you to read the full piece and if you are interested in learning more about NativeEnergy and our soil or other impact projects, please contact us.