Ruggette: Pants with a Purpose


Ruggette thinks about clothing differently. The company explains how form, fit, and functionality are sown hand-in-glove with their mission to make tougher, sustainably sourced gear that feels good, looks good, and works well for womxn of all identities, shapes, and sizes. Ruggette’s flagship product, The Pants, aims to espouse all these ideals.

The desire to create a carbon neutral product lies at the core of Ruggette’s DNA. And so, it was only fitting that the Public Benefit Corporation that was founded by a team of college students teamed up with a fellow Public Benefit Corp., Native, to address the carbon emissions associated with the manufacturing of The Pants. By opting to support the May Ranch Avoided Grassland Conversion Project in Colorado, a project that exemplifies how conservation can work towards supporting livelihoods, important cultural resources, and a variety of wildlife, Ruggette has joined forces with other socially responsible brands in the fight against climate change.

Lily Hogan, co-founder of Ruggette, had this to say about the other positive social and environmental efforts that the brand is undertaking as they expand rapidly both in customer reach and product range: “At Ruggette, our mission is to make gear as a means of solving a problem. The Pants are built to be functional and fashionable to make womxn feel like they belong in a space that has historically excluded minorities. Native has allowed us to fulfill our second value: environmental sustainability by making The Pants carbon neutral! Check out our instagram @ruggette.pbc or website to see the next line of merchandise launching next month.”