True Climate Leadership Goes Beyond Decarbonization

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We are always grateful to be part of an exceptional network of change makers and we were reminded of that once more this week. Thank you to Sandra Brandt, our colleague and friend at the International Platform for Insetting, where we have been serving on the Board for several years. Sandra highlighted for us this inspiring quote from Marc Tercek, former president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy:

“The most ambitious leaders will focus not only on decarbonization but also on protecting biodiversity, restoring watersheds, helping animal welfare, producing nutritional food, and addressing human health challenges. If that sounds like a lot, you’re right. This won’t happen overnight and many players are not yet ready to step up to these big challenges. But this is where true leaders will distinguish themselves this year. Let’s encourage and help them succeed.”

Our congratulations to the ‘true leaders’ who have been working with us to create lasting change, and step up to the big challenges. We have much more to do, and we hope you enjoy reading The Year of Living Realistically which offers ten predictions for 2022 and is the article in which the quote originally appears.