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Madagascar Solar and Efficient Cookstoves

We thank you greatly for supporting this project and helping to catalyze new, lasting climate action.

Supporters of the Madagascar Solar and Efficient Cookstoves project help support the production and distribution of cookstoves which help reduce communities and families’ reliance on firewood. In addition to decreasing deforestation, these efforts also provide environmental education within Malagasy schools and communities, as well as organize reforestation efforts. The project was developed in partnership with the non-profit organization myclimate and Swiss-Madagascan organization ADES (Association pour le Développement de l'Energy Solaire).

An important part of your contribution to this carbon offset project is also sharing what your support has helped achieve. We have built a repertoire of content to help you in doing so.

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Find the project page here for more details.


Use these quotes written by our team and project partners to communicate how your contribution is making a difference. 

Quote from Native, a Public Benefit Corporation

"Support for this project increases access to cookstoves for families who want them, while supporting employment in the region. We are excited to be supporting this work in what is a heavily deforested region."

Author: Jennifer Cooper, Vice President at Native


Quote from myclimate

"Thanks to the financial contribution of supporters, Native and myclimate support the manufacture and distribution of efficient cookers and climate-friendly solar cookers on Madagascar. With the goal to reduce CO₂ and counter the rapid deforestation on the Island, we also offer information on protecting ecosystems and our project partner plants two seedlings per cookstove."

Author: Katherin Dellantonio, Managing Director at myclimate



Use this infographic to share more about the Madagascar Solar and Efficient Cookstoves Project by highlighting its carbon offset impact as well as the environmental and social benefits.
Madagascar Infographic

Madagascar Cookstoves Infographic

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Project description

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Project Benefits

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Project Imagery


Cookstove builder Benyamin completing a clay combustion chamber

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Madagascar Solar and Efficient Cookstoves

Solar and efficient cookstoves

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Madagascar Solar and Efficient Cookstoves

Installing cookstoves at Les Saphirs School in Antohamadiro

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Transportation of cookstoves by sea

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Bambuslemur-Ranomafana-Nationalpark-Mada-ADES-myclimate 2

Bamboo lemur

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Environmental programme for students at a local school

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Reforestation in the South of Madagascar

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Video created by project partner myclimate

Video created by project partner ADES

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