Phantom Load: How Unplugging Can Save You $100 or More

They lurk in corners… they look like everyday objects… and they’re gouging your bank account needlessly. Your appliances may seem idle when you turn them off, but they are still raising your energy bill. This phenomenon, called “phantom load,” is common with modern household electronics. Many are designed to have continuous displays and a standby resting state, […]

Third Party Validation: How We Audit Our Carbon Reduction Projects

First Environment—the third party organization that validated the Greensburg Wind Farm for NativeEnergy and is currently validating our Laurelbrook Farm Compost Project—has just been named “Best Verification Company in Voluntary Carbon Markets” by Environmental Finance. The magazine asked companies for nominations via an online form, and over 500 responses were received. First Environment was selected for its “…innovation; quality of […]

Compliance vs. True Corporate Social Responsibility

NativeEnergy and MS&L recently hosted Sustainability Leaders Roundtable in Chicago. Tom Rawls, our VP of Sales & Marketing, was a panelist at the event. Here are his thoughts about the difference between compliance and true corporate social responsibility: What differentiates companies that follow compliance requirements from companies that value true corporate responsibility? Don’t we expect […]

Calculating Your Carbon Offsets

Do you know how much carbon your business emits? Whether you’re thinking about cutting your emissions, becoming carbon neutral, or investing in carbon offsets, you first need to measure your carbon footprint. The starting point for a great sustainability strategy is understanding your impact; however, some things are easier to measure than others. So how […]

SDG Goals and Targets: What You Need to Know

Improving your corporate sustainability and setting goals can be difficult if you’re starting with a blank page. Using a framework or template is a great way to structure your sustainability plan and identify meaningful targets for your business. How can you use the Sustainable Development Goals to put sustainability at the forefront of your business […]

The Blake's Red Angus and Black Angus cattle backed by the Crazy Mountains.

Ben & Jerry’s Success Story

From its origins as a single ice cream parlor in Vermont in 1978, Ben & Jerry’s has grown to become a much-loved global brand. An important part of the company’s success has been its relationship with its customers, built around a shared set of economic, environmental and social values. To support statements such as “Ben […]