From Waste to Fuel: Improving Agriculture and Livelihoods in Uganda


Take climate action! Offset carbon emissions by supporting Native’s Waste to Fuel Project: Improving Agriculture and Livelihoods in Uganda.

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Offset your greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing Native carbon offsets.

What project will my purchase help build?

This project provides small family farms in Uganda with small-scale digesters that generates biofuel for cooking and organic fertilizer. These resources generate savings and increase crop yields and incomes, helping to improve livelihoods. Over the course of the 10 year project, over 5,000 farming households in the several coffee and sugar growing regions of Uganda will participate and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Read a full description of the project on our project page!

How do carbon offsets work?

With carbon offsets, you can counteract your personal carbon footprint by helping build clean energy and carbon-reducing projects.

How much should I offset?

If you don’t know how many tonnes to offset, you can use our online carbon calculators to determine your carbon footprint.


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From Waste to Fuel: Improving Agriculture and Livelihoods in Uganda