Montana Grasslands: NativeEnergy’s Work with Western Sustainability Exchange

NativeEnergy makes it as simple as possible for you to cut your carbon footprint and support local communities by choosing a progressive offsetting project that’s right for you.

Behind the scenes, though, designing and running an effective carbon offsetting project is far from simple. That’s why NativeEnergy works with other organizations that bring local knowledge, scientific expertise and hands-on experience to deliver successful and sustainable outcomes.

How does Western Sustainability Exchange support the project?

Western Sustainability Exchange (WSE) works to conserve open space, wildlife habitat, and farming and ranching heritage while strengthening rural economies. WSE believes strongly that working with the people who live and work on the land is the best way to support healthy ecosystems.

As a collaborator on the Montana Improved Grazing Project, WSE promotes regenerative agricultural practices to help farmers and ranchers to overcome challenges including water shortages and soil depletion. Benefits to the farmers include a decrease in weeds, increased perennial grass cover and improved water infrastructure which helps reduce operating costs and increase profit margins.

The local environment benefits from healthy soil, healthy air, healthy water, and improved wildlife habitats, resulting in a healthy, vibrant ecosystem that includes and sustains a traditional way of life for rural communities. The beauty and importance of these timeless landscapes are captured in this short film about WSE’s work in the Montana grasslands.

How does NativeEnergy carbon offsetting benefit Montana communities?

NativeEnergy’s Help BuildTM model brings the upfront investment needed for cattle ranchers to take steps to accelerate and improve their soil’s health. This investment also bridges the financial gap between making the changes and when the ranch productivity and profitability benefits are realized.

Investing in Help Build carbon offsets will enable ranchers to make sustainable changes to increase the productivity of their land and deliver real, measurable, and additional carbon sequestration as well as soil health benefits.

To find out more about NativeEnergy Help Build projects and working relationships, contact us by phone at 800-924-6826, or by email at [email protected].