CORSIA-Plane and Simple

With air transport accounting for 2% of global man-made CO2 emissions1,  the aviation industry has recognized its need to address global climate change. In 2017 alone, civil aviation emitted around 859 million tonnes of CO21.  In order to help mitigate COemissions, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) first approved CORSIA in 2016 and on June 2018, the First Edition of Annex 16, Volume  IV was adopted. This route-based global carbon offsetting scheme plans to get the international aviation industry carbon neutral and is expected to mitigate about 2.5 billion tonnes of CO2 between 2021 and 2025.

Starting on January 1, 2019, all airlines must monitor, verify, and report their emissions on all international flights. The ICAO has established a set of rules covering calculation methods and reporting rules. Based on the calculated 2019 and 2020 emissions, CORSIA will define a baseline, and all emissions over this baseline will need to be offset. Airlines will be required to purchase “emission units,” to offset their CO2 emissions, which is currently in process of being defined. Offsetting will begin on 2021 for volunteering states that choose to participate in the pilot phase and will be required for all from 2027. Some states, however, are exempt from CORSIA due to their socioeconomic status or low international traffic. For those offsetting emissions, we are here to help!

Today, leadership in climate is more than just purchasing offsets to comply with requirements. Driven by their stakeholders, leaders in sustainability are taking steps to build sustainability into and around their activity chains, markets, and operations. Some of the projects include improving livelihoods in disadvantaged communities, reducing  production impacts from raw materials and inputs, and increasing nutrient value of food supplies, all of which are valuable project investments and are strategically relevant.

For the aviation industry, leadership means building new projects to mitigate or draw down emissions in relevant communities and sectors that truly need the funding to catalyze change. These projects can bring economic prosperity to communities and activity chain partners that matter to customers, shareholders, local governments, and employees. This is where we come in!

NativeEnergy is the leading carbon offset provider for individuals and businesses. We work with organizations to develop authentic solutions to their sustainability challenges and implement projects that not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also strengthens businesses and contributes to progress around the world. Our Help BuildTM offsets delivers unique brand synergies along with carbon reductions, renewable energy, safe water, clean air, ecosystem restoration, soil health, smallholder farmer development, wildlife and habitat protection, carbon sequestration, and more. All of our carbon offsets undergo third-party validation and verification.

We can help keep things simple for airlines and aid in meeting CORSIA’s offsetting requirements while achieving value for the company that engages stakeholders, boosts brand, and accelerates environmental performance.

To learn more, contact NativeEnergy by phone at 800-924-6826, by email at [email protected].