Everlane’s Environmentally Friendly & Fashionionable Statement

Tread by Everlane
Tread by Everlane

A study conducted by a materials lab at MIT found the average pair of sneakers produces 13.6 pounds of CO2 emissions and that most of the sneaker is made of plastic. When considering all of the sneakers produced yearly, this impact adds up. This insight inspired Everlane to launch a new environmental initiative- the Everlane Trainer, from their new Tread line, which was born with some important new attributes:

  • Rubber and leather, which is biodegradable, comprise 30% of the shoe.
  • Leather for the shoe comes from a supplier that uses solar energy and whose practices are approved by the Leather Working Group.
  • The sole of the shoe, a blend of natural rubber and post-industrial recycled rubber, is 94.2% virgin plastic-free.
  • Each pair of shoes incorporates material from 9.5 recycled plastic water bottles.

To balance the remaining CO2 emissions from the sneakers, Everlane partners with Native, which is working with cattle ranchers to employ grazing practices that improve American grasslands and pull carbon from the atmosphere.

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