Webinar: Explore the Next Frontier for Greenhouse Gas Reductions

splc event photo

Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council is convening world sustainability and procurement leaders to discuss the challenge of curbing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in extended supply chains. Join us July 22 for Defining the Delta – Supply Chain GHG Reduction Strategies.

Many leading corporations are making public commitments to ambitious GHG reduction goals that will be extremely difficult to achieve. As they contemplate the daunting hurdle of reaching their stated goals, large organizations quickly realize they need to drive massive changes throughout their supply chains, where 70-80% of most organizations’ GHG impacts occur. And the current tools and strategies proposed to pursue emissions reductions in extended supply chains may not yet be equal
to this monumental task.

Native’s Claire Lafave is slated to speak at this event. Get a seat at the table for this critically important discussion. Join SPLC, sustainability experts, industry leaders, and US government representatives to begin the process of convening, learning, and aligning for impact. Register for the event here.