Bodhi Surf + Yoga Named Best for the World 2021

Credit: Bodhi Surf + Yoga
Credit: Bodhi Surf + Yoga

Bodhi Surf + Yoga has long believed in the transformative power of local climate action. And for this, among their many other commitments to the communities they serve, Bodhi Surf + Yoga was awarded B Corp’s coveted Best for the World 2021 Status. A hearty congratulations from Native and the rest of the B Corp community! Since measuring their footprint in 2017, this ecotourism and adventure company has worked with Native and our partners in carbon reduction projects in Costa Rica. The Los Santos wind farm project, the project that Bodhi Surf + Yoga supports, is located in Cartago, about three hours inland from the beach in Uvita where yoga practitioners and surfing enthusiasts come from around the world to explore nature and themselves.

But 2020 was a year like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the very nature of business, some forever. As best described by Pilar Salazar, co-founder: “Same as other small entrepreneurs, we had to face strong challenges as we were not able to continue with business as usual. As we navigated through these challenges, we were certain of the importance for us to stay faithful to our purpose, values and commitment; to stay true to what we believe to be the essence of our business – caring for the environment that nurtures us – and develop a sustainable business that provides real human connections and creates holistic benefits for all participants. Based on this, we had to also remain flexible and creative to figure out new ways for us to adapt and continue  providing our services…”

Realizing that although the economic blip that was caused by the pandemic will abate, the disasters of climate change are here to stay, Bodhi Surf + Yoga re-committed to doing their part for the planet. By offsetting every guest’s on-site footprint from 2019 and setting up a path to partner with Native for the years to come, the company is leading the way in responsible tourism. 

The choice of which project to support was simple: one that is in Costa Rica benefiting local communities and that supports Bodhi Surf + Yoga’s vision of creating positive social and environmental change. Thus, the Los Santos wind farm project was a perfect fit. In addition to the carbon that it is able to offset, it also benefits the communities in which it is located. As such, it is the first wind farm in Costa Rica constructed by a cooperative, which aims to bring clean electricity to rural communities and improve the lives of people living in this region. Further, Los Santos is also connected to the national power grid. The resulting revenue from the reverse grid flow is distributed back to local stakeholders in the cooperative, enabling investment in infrastructure projects including improvements to school buildings, public lighting, and bus stops.

Bodhi Surf + Yoga is expanding its neutrality commitment. Later this year, the company will start offering its clients the opportunity to offset their own flights to and from their location in Uvita. This will be made possible by partnering with Native to create a travel calculator that will go on Bodhi’s website. On it, guests will be able to closely estimate their carbon footprint, and offset the miles flown, all in a few clicks and keystrokes. At Native, we are always moved by our partners’ commitments to the planet, even in the times that may be uncertain. None more so than Bodhi Surf + Yoga’s!