Webinar: The Role of Offsets in a Credible Net Zero Action Plan

Nov10th Webinar

The Climate Collaborative is hosting GreenBiz, Clif Bar and Native in a conversation about Net Zero and the ins and outs of whether offsets play a role in credible net zero commitments. The Climate Collaborative is convening this discussion as a follow up to a July dialogue in which attendees expressed interest in a deeper dive into the challenges of navigating the world of offsets as part of a net zero commitment.

We, along with Climate Collaborative, invite you to dive into this topic with Jim Giles of GreenBiz , Elysa Hammond of Clif Bar and Claire Lafave of Native. Together, Jim, Elysa and Claire will explore the complexities of net zero and offsets. Claire will introduce net zero frameworks and their implications. Jim will share an overview of the challenges and opportunities for companies interested in using offsets as part of their net zero goal. Lastly, Elysa will share Clif Bar’s journey as a case study on how companies can think about using offsets as part of their net zero strategy. Register for the event here.