Renewable Energy

Take action that creates a long-term positive impact. Discover renewable energy projects that your organization can support to meet your sustainability goals. Every renewable energy project we develop puts local communities at the fore and meets one or more of the leading carbon standards to bring real, enduring change that goes beyond business as usual. Whether you are looking to meet your climate contribution goals, offset Scope 1, 2 or Scope 3 emissions, accelerate the energy transition with solar, wind, or biofuel production, make your supply chain more resilient, improve the health of your suppliers and their families, or more, transform your brand’s values into action in the communities where you do business.

Learn about Native’s renewable energy projects below. You can also contact us to discuss how we can work together toward your renewable energy goals.

  • wanner
    Wanner Family Farm ProjectHB

    NativeEnergy helped the Wanner family build a methane digester that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and produces surplus renewable energy. Carbon Project Type: Farm Methane Power Location: Narvon, Pennsylvania, U.S. Year: 2006 Volume: 35,337 metric tonnes Capacity: 130 kW Seven generations of the Wanner family have developed the Pride-N-Joy Farm located in Narvon, Pennsylvania, in eastern […]

  • Dovan Control Panel side
    Dovan Family Farm ProjectHB

    This project reduces greenhouse gas emissions on a Pennsylvania dairy farm. Carbon Project Type: Farm Methane Power Location: Berlin, Pennsylvania, U.S. Volume: 27,953 metric tonnes Capacity: 80 kW The Van Gilder family in Berlin, Pennsylvania, installed a new anaerobic digester on the Dovan Farm in 2004. This equipment is now generating electricity by using manure-based […]

  • schrack
    Schrack Family Farm ProjectHB

    With the help of NativeEnergy, the Schrack family installed a greenhouse gas-reducing manure digester on their farm. Carbon Project Type: Farm Methane Power Location: Loganton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Volume: 39,004 metric tonnes Capacity: 200 kW The Schrack Dairy Farm is a twelfth-generation family farm located in Loganton, Pennsylvania. Their manure digester project began operating in late […]

  • essex
    Essex Junction Municipal Biogas GeneratorHB

    Carbon Project Type: Biogas Energy Location: Essex Junction, Vermont, U.S. Volume: 3,123 metric tonnes Capacity: 60 kW This project captures methane gas and uses it to fuel two 30 kW electricity-generating turbines. The methane is produced through the anaerobic digestion of municipal sewage sludge. Previously, the methane gas was burned to avoid the release of […]

  • wewoka
    Wewoka Biogas ProjectHB

    Carbon Model: Help Build™ Carbon Project Type: Landfill Gas-to-Energy Location: Wewoka, Oklahoma, U.S. Volume: 279,614 metric tonnes Standard: Verified Carbon Standard Commercial Brick Corporation’s owner Bob Hartsock is passionate about bricks. From gray shale-based bricks that turn red when fired, to unusual and exotic brick blends, he can describe at length the products his company offers. […]

  • clinton
    Clinton County Landfill

    Carbon Project Type: Landfill Gas-to-Energy Location: Morrisonville, New York, U.S. Offset Type: 2010-2015 Vintage Climate Reserve Tonnes (CRTs) Volume: 500,000 metric tonnes Standard: Climate Action Reserve Capacity: 4.8 MW The Clinton County Sanitary Landfill covers almost 70 acres and receives approximately 175,000 metric tons of waste each year. To reduce the greenhouse gas pollution from […]

  • bicounty
    Bi-County Municipal Landfill

    Municipal solid waste landfills are the third largest source of human-related methane pollution in the United States. Methane—a greenhouse gas that is 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide—is a major contributor to climate change. While large landfills are required by federal regulations to capture their methane emissions, smaller landfills like the Bi-County Municipal Landfill […]

  • stones
    Stones Throw Landfill

    The Stones Throw Sanitary Landfill began accepting waste in 2002 under the ownership of Stones Throw Landfill LLC, a subsidiary of Advanced Disposal Services LLC. Currently the landfill receives approximately 232,000 metric tons of waste each year and is designed to remain active through 2025. In 2006, Stones Throw initiated development on Phase 1 of […]

  • hydro
    Paraiso Hydro

    The objective of the Paraíso hydro project is to yield the power potential of the Paraíso River to generate electricity. This is realized by a small hydropower plant of 21 MW installed capacity, located in the city of Costa Rica in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Over a period of 10 years, […]

  • mid
    Mid-American Growers

    With approximately 70 acres of heated greenhouse facilities, Mid-American Growers (MAG) is one of the largest single site commercial growing operations in the United States. Greenhouse operations of this size are large users of thermal energy, as it is necessary for them to grow year-round in order to be successful. This specific project activity will […]