How To Practice Corporate Social Responsibility Within Your Company

Today’s consumers are paying close attention to your company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices.

Some will go as far as turning their backs on their favorite companies if they are not making an effort to effect positive social and environmental change.

This article will show you why corporate social responsibility matters to your business and how you can start practicing it within your own company.

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters

Corporate social responsibility is about more than building a better future or saving the planet. It is about meeting consumer expectations.

A 2017 study by Cone Communications found that 63% of Americans hope that, in the absence of government regulation, business will take the lead and drive social and environmental change forward.

87% of people will purchase a product because the company advocated for the issues they care about, while 76% of consumers will refuse to buy from a company that has supported issues that contradict their beliefs.

It’s not just consumers, either. The next generation of employees will choose companies that care about people and the planet.

If attracting top talent is a priority for your organization, it is time to incorporate socially responsible practices into your company culture.

How To Practice Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Practice philanthropy. Donating money, products or services to local charities and community programs can be a great way to get started with corporate social responsibility.
  • Work on environmental sustainability. Taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint is an essential CSR strategy for businesses large and small.
  • Adhere to ethical labor practices. Companies can demonstrate their corporate social responsibility by treating their employees fairly and ethically. This is especially important if they operate in international locations with labor laws that differ from those in the US.
  • Volunteer. Attending and sponsoring volunteer events can help companies show their concern regarding specific issues and support local organizations working on those issues.

How To Build a Socially Responsible Business

  • Practice transparency. If decisions about socially responsible actions are made behind closed doors, people will be less likely to trust your company’s message.
  • Engage your employees. Even if you are not working on huge sustainability initiatives yet, you can start building a socially responsible business by giving your employees a voice and supporting causes that matter to them.
  • Involve your consumers. Let your consumers know what you are doing for the community and look for ways to involve them in the process.
  • Stay consistent. CSR is not a one-time deal. To build a socially responsible business, you must actively work on your process and your initiatives every single day.

How NativeEnergy Can Help

NativeEnergy helps businesses reach their corporate social responsibility goals by pairing them up with a unique sustainability project that directly aligns with their strategies and values.

We manage the performance and the operation of each project, to help you create measurable environmental, social and economic benefits for communities across the world.

To start building a better future together, check out our Help BuildTM program or you can contact us by phone at 800-924-6826, by email at [email protected] now.