Renewable Energy Success Story: Lime’s 100% Carbon-Free Fleet


Lime – a shared transportation company that provides bicycle and scooter sharing systems to communities across the world – has launched a “Lime Green” initiative.

The initiative goal is to make every ride you take completely carbon-free and leave future generations with a cleaner, healthier planet.

To help with this initiative, Lime has partnered with NativeEnergy to make that goal a reality.

Reducing Lime’s Carbon Emissions

While bike and scooter sharing systems are already reducing carbon emissions, Lime has made their sustainability goals even more ambitious.

Currently, their electric bikes and scooters use energy created from fossil fuels.

That’s about to change.

Soon, the fleet will be charged with electricity from created from 100% renewable energy sources.

Through their partnership with NativeEnergy, the Lime Green initiative also is:

  • Investing in a portfolio that helps build new renewable energy projects, beginning with a new solar project in Iowa
  • Buying renewable energy credits from the Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm in Texas to green their fleets in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio
  • Offsetting the remaining fuel-based carbon emissions associated with their entire fleet of operations via verified projects in NativeEnergy’s portfolio

Creating Social Impact

Lime is built around the idea that all communities deserve access to smart, affordable mobility.

Creating social impact is at the core of everything they do. Their green energy initiative is no different.

With the help of NativeEnergy’s projects, Lime aims to go beyond carbon offsetting and create meaningful social impact for communities across the globe.

How NativeEnergy Helps Create Meaningful Change

Native Energy connects companies, such as Lime, with unique projects that help them reduce their carbon footprint, bring substantial social and environmental benefits to communities in need, and build a future that benefits all.

Several of these carbon offset projects are created through NativeEnergy’s Help BuildTM program and will reduce emissions for Lime for years to come. These projects will run from biosand water filters in developing countries to U.S. dairy methane abatement to soil carbon sequestration and others, ensuring a diverse array of community benefits for Lime.

Why Should Transportation Companies Choose Carbon Offsets?

Businesses do not exist in a vacuum: customer preferences often dictate the direction that the company takes.

We are seeing more and more evidence that consumers will go out of their way to buy from businesses that support sustainability and corporate social responsibility. 87% of consumers will make a purchase because a company advocated for an issue they care about.

Consumers are increasingly seeking more sustainable transportation options that go beyond taking a bike to work, and transportation companies have to think about ways to work with this trend.

Transportation companies can take responsibility for their emissions (and their customer trust) by choosing to take part in carbon offset projects. These projects will help them position themselves as environmental leaders, stand out from their competitors, and increase their market share as a result.

Build A Better Future

Whether you are riding your bike in Prague or one of Lime’s newest e-scooters in Seattle, you can rest easy knowing your ride is powered with 100% carbon-free electricity, through the purchase of renewable energy credits.

If you would like to have a similar experience, take a look at our Help Build project page.

We will connect you with a unique sustainability project that matches your company goals and values to build a better planet, and a better future, for us all.