Hello to Halverson Ranch

Photo Credit: Montana Natural Lamb
Photo Credit: Montana Natural Lamb

In preparation for our event in June, where NativeEnergy supporters will visit a ranch that participates in our Montana Improved Grazing Project, we felt inspired to share the stories behind three of the ranches we partner with. Together, these ranches are reducing carbon in beef and leather supply chains, strengthening ranching communities, protecting local waterways and preserving biodiversity.

The Halverson Family first homesteaded in Sweet Grass County Montana in 1879. Three brothers were involved in the partnership, one worked at the ranch while the other two worked in mining. Every six months the brothers would alternate roles between the ranch and the mine.  In 1914 the Halverson’s homesteaded on Lower Deer Creek where the 4th, 5th, and 6th generations still live. The ranch has two units that are about 30 miles apart. The White Beaver unit is almost 5,000 acres and the Home Place is around 3,650 acres of owned and leased land.

The White Beaver and Home Place units are made up of 15 total pastures. By participating in NativeEnergy’s Improved Grazing Project, the ranch plans make smaller pastures, increase the stock density, and then provide the pastures with a longer rest period which will increase the amount of carbon sequestered in the soil.  Accomplishing these activities will require fencing, improving access to water, and new management practices.

NativeEnergy’s goal is to involve more ranches to reach 200,000 acres by 2020. For information or to get involved, please contact us at [email protected]