Aveda’s Inspiring Social Responsibility Success Story

aveda social responsibility

Aveda, one of the world’s leading cosmetics companies, has taken on ambitious social responsibility goals. They aim to promote environmental leadership and responsibility by focusing on renewable energy and environmental safety.

With the help of carbon offset initiatives like the Greensburg Wind Farms project, they have taken major steps towards achieving their corporate social responsibility goals and building a better future for us all.

Aveda’s Social Responsibility Goals

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Aveda believes that the pursuit of environmental sustainability is a necessary part of doing business responsibly. That is why reducing carbon emissions, and eventually achieving carbon neutrality, is Aveda’s number one goal.

With the help of renewable energy credits and carbon offset programs, all of Aveda’s products are currently manufactured using 100% wind power.

Strengthen Brand Reputation

For Aveda, sustainability and profitability go hand in hand.

Aveda is taking steps to strengthen their brand’s reputation as an environmental industry leader, and consumers are taking notice. With every new initiative, Aveda is proving that responsible business practices can be good for the planet and for the company’s bottom line.

Increase Social Impact

Aveda’s corporate social responsibility is about more than reducing carbon emissions.

It is about creating a long-lasting social impact that strengthens communities across the world, including ones surrounding their own supply chain.

In fact, Aveda was one of the original supporters of the Greensburg Wind Farm project, which was created after a tornado leveled Greensburg, Kansas, destroying 95% of the town and leaving behind a path of devastation and destruction.

The Greensburg project was a remarkable example of how renewable energy initiatives can bring jobs and business to a town that once seemed hopeless.

Partnering with NativeEnergy

Aveda’s investment in the Greensburg Wind Farm helped generate electricity for 4,000 homes, but they are not stopping there.

To meet their social responsibility goals, Aveda has now partnered with NativeEnergy on multiple other renewable energy projects.

The Iowa WInd Farms project helped reduce greenhouse gas pollution by 92,000 metrics tons, created a new source of income for families in Northern Iowa, and pushed Aveda closer to their carbon neutrality goals.

Their investment was also crucial for executing the Indiana School Wind project.

After the financial crisis of 2008, many schools found themselves with increased energy costs and far fewer resources to allocate to educational activities.

Thanks to Aveda, they were able to install wind turbines to power school buildings, dedicate more resources to teaching, and provide young people with hands-on training in the renewable energy field.

For Aveda, this is just the beginning.

There is more to be done to achieve true carbon neutrality, and NativeEnergy is honored to partner with them to continue making their social responsibility goals a reality.

How Native Energy Can Help

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