Eileen Fisher’s Corporate Social Responsibility Success Story

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For Eileen Fisher, an ethical clothing manufacturer, corporate social responsibility has always been an important part of doing business.

As a part of their Social Consciousness approach to corporate social responsibility, Eileen Fisher has partnered with NativeEnergy to reduce their carbon footprint and bring renewable energy to communities across the country.

Eileen Fisher’s Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

Created back in 1997, Eileen Fisher’s Social Consciousness approach has always revolved around three main values:

  • Practicing business responsibly with absolute regard for human rights
  • Guiding their product and practice toward sustaining our environment
  • Supporting women to be full participants in society

Today, they aim to embody these principles in every aspect of the business: from marketing to manufacturing, and from design to finance.

The 3 Pillars of Eileen Fisher’s Sustainability Vision

1. Environmental sustainability.

As an ethical clothing manufacturer, Eileen Fisher aims to embody sustainable practices in every aspect of their manufacturing and retail practices.

From choosing ethically-sourced materials to removing water inefficiencies from their manufacturing process, they aim to design out negative environmental impacts and bring in positive ones wherever possible.

2. Human rights.

Eileen Fisher aims to support communities around the world by empowering them both socially and economically.

They only choose manufacturing partners who agree to follow their labor standards, conduct regular follow-up audits, and empower workers by providing regular training sessions to help them understand their rights.

3. Supporting women & girls.

Among other initiatives, their Women-Owned Businesses grant program is helping create a new generation of socially responsible businesses – and a new generation of women leaders.

Partnership with NativeEnergy

Eileen Fisher has partnered with NativeEnergy to support multiple renewable energy initiatives and make their sustainability vision a reality.

As of today, they have managed to replace 100% of their store energy consumption with green energy, and are currently offsetting 50% of their inbound shipping emissions with the help of carbon offset projects.

How They Did It

Eileen Fisher’s investment was essential for launching the Iowa Wind Farms project back in 2011.

The project contributed to their carbon reduction goal by eliminating 92,000 metrics tons of greenhouse gas pollution and replacing grid-based electricity with renewable energy.

However, the benefits of the project did not end there.

The project has left a lasting social impact on communities in northern Iowa.

The wind farm now provides an important source of income for families previously reliant on unsustainable industries. It has also increased tax revenue and encouraged rural economic development in the area.

Finally, the partnership with NativeEnergy has helped Eileen Fisher build awareness around conscious business practices and promote their brand image as an environmentally and socially conscious clothing manufacturer.

How NativeEnergy Can Help Your Business

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