Making Change Happen: How Carbon funding is improving access to clean water

The data are in. Clif Bar, DHL, along with several other companies and many individuals, have helped bring more than 390 million liters of clean water to more than 48,000 people on three continents since 2012.

The initial supporters helped to build a water filtration project in Kenya 6 years ago and their ongoing support is helping expand upon this. Today, supporters’ investment enables local partners to provide water filters to families in Kenya, Ghana, Honduras, India, Ethiopia and Haiti.
Companies support these projects because they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and bring clean water to families without it. But they also support these projects to build a closer connection with the smallholder farmers and communities in their supply chains. Projects succeed on the ground when we cultivate strong connections with local communities and partners, and as a result, companies gain detailed insights into the challenges and opportunities their suppliers face in the region.

On average, providing a family of five with clean water for 2 months means one tonne of emissions is avoided – it means families do not have to harvest and burn wood to boil their water. Not burning wood to boil water also means households enjoy better indoor air quality. Thus, in addition to the reduction in water-borne illnesses, household members are reporting reductions in various respiratory issues. Water filters also save families time (or money) that they would have spent on collecting (or buying) wood fuel. The family can choose to invest the savings in their children’s welfare or spend the freed-up time engaging in other income-generating activities.

Each water project is designed according to NativeEnergy’s Help BuildTM framework and performance-based model. As a result, usage rates in households with new filters range from 93% up to100%. Each year, families have access to over 120 million liters of clean water; directly affecting the lives of 48,689 people. In keeping with our long-term commitment to these projects—usually 10 years—we regularly monitor, and wherever possible optimize, their performance. Because we invest in the project over 10 years, and take on the performance risk, we have a robust process by which we ensure the project brings the expected benefits to the families, communities and the companies that invest their support. Overall, NativeEnergy’s portfolio of Help BuildTM projects is currently over-performing—at 104%.

Please check out the specific project-pages for more information on the specific water filtration projects in: Kenya, Ghana, Honduras, Ethiopia, and India.

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