Renewable Energy

Take action that creates a long-term positive impact. Discover renewable energy projects that your organization can support to meet your sustainability goals. Every renewable energy project we develop puts local communities at the fore and meets one or more of the leading carbon standards to bring real, enduring change that goes beyond business as usual. Whether you are looking to meet your climate contribution goals, offset Scope 1, 2 or Scope 3 emissions, accelerate the energy transition with solar, wind, or biofuel production, make your supply chain more resilient, improve the health of your suppliers and their families, or more, transform your brand’s values into action in the communities where you do business.

Learn about Native’s renewable energy projects below. You can also contact us to discuss how we can work together toward your renewable energy goals.

  • bigsmile3
    Big Smile Wind Farm at Dempsey Ridge

    Project Type: Renewable Energy Location: Roger Mills and Beckham Counties, Oklahoma Project Start Date: 2012 Standard: Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Project Owner: ACCIONA Capacity: 132 MW Project Description This project partners with ACCIONA to utilize carbon offset revenues to help accelerate the development of wind projects. The Big Smile Wind Farm at Dempsey Ridge is located […]

  • seneca
    Seneca Meadows Landfill Gas to Energy

    Project type: Methane destruction Location: Waterloo, New York Offset Vintage: 2015 Standard: American Carbon Registry This project, in Waterloo, NY, voluntarily captures landfill gas (composed primarily of the greenhouse gas methane) and converts it into a reliable source of electricity. This project prevents methane generated at the landfill from entering the atmosphere. Owned and operated by […]

  • india
    Sky Wind Project, India

    Project Type: Renewable Energy Location: Santara District, Maharashtra, India Project Start Date: 2012 Standard: Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Capacity: 96 MW Project Description The Sky Wind Project is a 96 MW wind project located in a rural area of Maharashtra, India. The power produced from the project displaces an equivalent amount of power from the grid, which is […]

  • 4581666528_be30ed73bd_o
    Greensburg Wind FarmHB

    After being leveled by a tornado, a Kansas town rebuilds as “the greenest town in America” with a combination of energy efficiency measures and the installation of a 12.5 MW wind farm. Carbon Model: Help Build™ Carbon Project Type: Wind Energy Location: Greensburg, Kansas, U.S. Volume: 488,200 metric tonnes Standard: Verified Carbon Standard Capacity: 12.5 MW […]

  • alex
    Alex Little Soldier Wind Turbine ProjectHB

    With the help of NativeEnergy, the Rosebud Sioux Reservation installed the nation’s first tribally-owned, large scale wind turbine. Project Details The Alex Little Soldier Wind Turbine was built with NativeEnergy’s financial support in the spring of 2003. The turbine is located near the town of Rosebud, on the Rosebud Sioux reservation in south-central South Dakota. […]

  • shen1
    Shenandoah School Wind ProjectHB

    Project Details Since 2011, NativeEnergy has collaborated with Indiana communities and developer Performance Services Inc. to identify opportunities to establish community wind projects throughout Indiana. Under its Help Build™ program, NativeEnergy committed to provide essential upfront funding to seven turbines, with the latest being a single turbine at the Shenandoah School Corporation campus in rural […]

  • imageedit_5_5084164779
    Toksook Bay Alaskan Native WindHB

    NativeEnergy helped fund three 100kW wind turbines in the remote village of Toksook Bay, Alaska. NativeEnergy’s customers helped fund a significant operations and maintenance reserve for three Northwind 100 kW turbines built in the village of Toksook Bay, Alaska, which began operations in July 2006. Owned and operated by the non-profit Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, […]

  • alaska
    Kasigluk Alaska Native Village WindHB

    NativeEnergy helped a remote Alaska village develop three wind turbines that replace polluting diesel generators. NativeEnergy’s customers helped fund a two-year operations and maintenance (O&M) reserve for three Northwind 100 kW turbines built in the village of Kasigluk, Alaska, which began operating in July 2006. Owned and operated by the non-profit Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, […]

  • pro
    Farmer-Owned Distributed WindHB

    NativeEnergy helped farmers in Minnesota and South Dakota install revenue-generating wind turbines. NativeEnergy worked closely with wind developers to support the sale and installation of farmer-owned and community-based 40 kW and larger distributed wind turbines. With upfront funding from NativeEnergy reducing turbine costs to an acceptable level, these turbines help farmers reduce their long-term electricity […]

  • imageedit_7_6594400823
    Wray School District Wind TurbineHB

    With funding with NativeEnergy, the Wray School District built a wind turbine that produces renewable energy and needed income.  “This project will be a self-sustaining model of energy production, income generation, and an innovative educational opportunity for the Wray School District RD-2 and rural Colorado.” – Ron Howard, Wray School District Superintendent The Wray School District […]